Mortarch of Night

Sent to the Realm of Death in search of Nagash himself, Lord-Celestant Tarsus and his Bull-Hearts find an unexpected–and untrustworthy ally–whose destiny will become entwined with their own…


From the blurb:

Long ago, Sigmar numbered Nagash among his allies, but the Master of Death betrayed the God-King, causing the great pantheon o gods to crumble as the Age of Chaos began. Now, Sigmar seeks to reform his ancient alliegiances – Tarsus Bull-Heart, Lord-Celestant of the Hallowed Knights, has been sent to the Vale of Sorrows with his Warrior Chamber to treat with the Great Necromancer. The Stormcast Eternals soon discover that Shyish is an unforgiving realm, and they are forced to accept aid from a vampire of dubious provenance, one whose name resonates throughout history: Manfred von Carstein. Tarsus and his Lord-Relictor Ramus both fear that there is more to their new guide than meets the eye, for it is well known that the dead cannot be trusted…

The Realmgate Wars: Mortarch of Night contains prose versions of the following audio dramas: “The Prisoner of the Black Sun”, “Sands of Blood”, “The Lords of Helstone”, “Bridge of Seven Sorrows”, “The Beasts of Cartha”, “Fist of Mork, Fist of Gork”, “Great Red” and “Only the Faithful”, written by David Guymer and myself.

I’ve written about this series before, and I highly recommend checking them out in the format they were written for. That said, if you’re not a fan of audio dramas, but you’ve been wanting to check out the adventures of the Hallowed Knights in the Realm of Death, well now’s your chance. The whole story, in one complete volume.

Or, rather, the story so far…

The Realmgate Wars: Mortarch of Night is available in hardback and ebook, as well as a pricey exclusive edition.

And remember…who shall stand, though the world crumbles? Only the faithful.


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