WIP Wednesday #28: All Cylinders

I’m firing on all cylinders lately, despite recurring migraines. Or maybe because of the migraines. Maybe they’re my superpower, rather than a thing that makes me smell colours and taste music. Either way, this has been a good week.

With the revisions for The Divine Drowned finished for the moment, I’ve turned my attentions to this year’s second novella project–CRYPTID CLASH: Inzignanin AKA ‘Lee County Lizard Man Vs. Third-Eye Man’ AKA ‘Tiny Godzilla Fights Hobo Ghost-Wizard’.

I’m about 5,000 words into what will likely be a 16-20,000 word project. I’ve already slashed out a planned subplot because (a) it was cheesy and (b) tedious. Too, it makes more room for the two stunning character-finds of 2016: a motormouth cryptozoologist who steals cigarettes and talks about Full House way too much, and also…Lyle. Who is a lawyer. Lyle the lawyer.

Did I mention the migraines?

My main research materials for the project are a trio of books: Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster by Lyle Blackburn, South Carolina: A History by Walter Edgar and Cauthen and Power’s South Carolina Goes to War, 1860-1865. I am using one of those more than the others. Guess which one!

Over the weekend, I started AND completed two 5,000 word short stories, as well as made revisions to a third. And I’m about to start a 10,000 word Space Wolfadjacent short story this afternoon. I’m hoping to take some time and finish this one up this weekend, or early next week.

If you’re keeping track, that’s roughly 15,000 words written so far this week, not counting revisions or blog posts.

To wrap things up this week, a gentle reminder that David Guymer and I would be grateful if you’d check out Realmgate Wars: Mortarch of Night. And maybe go vote for David in the Gemmell Awards, if you’re of a mind. He’s a swell guy, he wrote a fantastic book and he deserves to win, I think.