WIP Wednesday #31: Book 4

I started working on my fourth novel of the year this past Sunday. After I finish it, I have two more to write before the end of the year. Because I’ve got bills and this is how I pays ’em.

As of this morning, I’m 10,000 words into the 80,000 word draft of Book 4. I say 80,000, but really, it’s probably going to be more like 90,000. That’s usually how it goes. So far, it’s a fun project. I’ve been chomping at the bit to write it ever since I pitched it, and it’s flowing easily thus far. It features a handful of characters I’ve written about before, doing something  exciting. Because invading an other-dimensional realm devoted to decay and disease is exciting, right?

I think it’s exciting.

I haven’t even written a battle scene, yet. It’s all funerals and character interactions and portentous musing. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

I’m also still chipping away at my CRYPTID CLASH! novella. I’m around 12,000 words into what I figure will be a 20,000 word draft, so not much farther to go. The story is ramping up now–murder-hobos are attacking our friendly neighbourhood mercenaries, even as our reptilian hero hunts a three-eyed ghost-wizard. It might not win a Hugo, but it’s pretty fun.

To round things off, on Monday I started a new Royal Occultist short story, “The Uninvited Guest”. It’s about a seance gone wrong (is there any other kind?), black dogs, Tyburn murderers, and hidden treasure. I’m aiming to keep this one short and sweet–say, around 3,000 words. Right now, I’m around 600 words in, which doesn’t sound impressive, but it took me an hour, so…y’know, shut up.

And that’s what I’m working on this week.