WIP Wednesday #33: Midway Draft

Thirty-three weeks in. This year, I’ve written three books, two novellas and ten short stories. I have three more books, one novella and two short stories to write by year’s end. Four and half months. No sweat.

I’ve reached the midway point of Book #4. Which means (a) I can invoice for the second part of the advance, and (b) it’s all downhill from here. I’ve found that there’s always a certain sense of relief that comes with the midway point. All (or most) of the set up is done, and the climax approaches. It’s like…finding your seat after switching trains. You can close your eyes and nap until the next stop.

In related news, I’ve found the TMFH or ‘This Motherf*cker Here’ for the book. The character who will infuriate some readers to an excessive degree. The character people *want* to see get a proper, old fashioned, back-country butt whuppin’. In this case, he’s also one of the good guys, which makes for a fine line to tread. But he provides a nice contrast to the other protagonists, so I’m having fun tap-dancing back and forth over said line.

I also managed to complete a full pitch for Book #5 today, incorporating various editorial suggestions. They seemed to like the rough pitch, so there wasn’t much to do. Just a bit of tweaking here and there. In the process, I learned what the word ‘palatine’ means, which is nice. Other things I learned about today, which may, or may not, be related–perfect numbers, the Company of Masters, and ‘the true art’. Also, this guy.

Besides that, I managed to complete the first draft of “The Uninvited Guest”. Despite my best intentions, it came in at around 4,500 words. That might change during revisions, but I doubt it. It wound up being a bit more complex than the relatively simple story I planned, but that works to its benefit, I think.

And that’s what I’ve been doing this week.