WIP Wednesday #35: Still Busy

Oh, is it Wednesday again? Land o’ Goshen. I’m still busy, obviously. But, I’ve managed to move forward with almost everythingdespite a few hiccups.

Work on Book #4 has continued steadily. Today’s word count pushed me over the 66,000 word mark, which is not *quite* where I wanted to be, but I’ll take it. It’s been a solid month, however. I haven’t gotten bogged down at any point, which is something of a surprise. Usually, I hit a stumbling block around the 60,000 word mark. Never anything serious, more a failure of motivation, if that makes sense. The will to write dwindles for a few days, before flaring back to life. I tend to take it as a sign that I need a break.

So far though, I’ve managed to avoid that with Book #4 (knock on wood). I suspect it has a lot to do with my new way of planning things–rather than simply blocking the book out into chapters, I’ve broken it down even further, into individual scenes (of which there may be several, in a given chapter). Too, by only planning a few scenes ahead of the one I’m currently working on, I’m hoping it’ll allow for a more organic progression of the plot. It’ll also prevent me from getting bored, which is a plus.

By breaking the book down into more bite-sized chunks, I find that it’s easier to keep the various plot elements straight, and give certain characters a bit more time on stage, as it were. The process isn’t perfect, by any means. I’m still adding complications on the fly–inserting characters who demand equal (or more) time than I intended to give them, for instance–which inevitably results in a cascade of changes. But, its easier to shuffle (or excise) scenes than chapters.

On the short story front, I completed a 5,400 word first draft today, after fighting with it for two weeks. “La Chauve-souris” is the working title, a reference to the piece by Agathon Léonard (also known as ‘Le Vampire’). It’s interesting, though I’m not yet confident in it. I cut out about 2,000 words of an unnecessary detour in the plot in order to refocus on the main characters, but even so, it’s a weird little beast of a story. There’s a lot to chew on in it, and I’m not sure as to whether that’s to its benefit or not. I tend to like my stories to be a bit cleaner in execution, but I may risk a bit of roughness, given that the submission deadline is only a few weeks away.

And that’s what I’ve been working on this week.