WIP Wednesday #36: Periwig

A periwig, if you’re curious, is a highly styled wig worn formerly as a fashionable headdress by both women and men and retained by judges and barristers as part of their professional dress. I assure you, this is relevant to this week’s discussion of my works in progress.

Work continues on Book #4. I hit the 82,000 word mark today, which would be awesome if I was close to being done, but I’m not. I estimate about 20-25,000 words remaining. All things considered, it isn’t that bad, but I was hoping to be done before next week. The deadline isn’t until the end of next month, but I’ve got other things to work on, and this book’s run a bit long. It’s the nature of the story, though. A sort of Dante-esque journey into Hell, only with Stormcast Eternals instead of an Italian writer. And less symbolism. More monsters. That sort of thing.

As with everything, I can already spot places where it needs improvement. Little rough spots that need sanding down, or, conversely, smooth spots that need a bit of roughening up, for texture. I suspect that I’m trying to do too much with this book, as happened with Fabius Bile: PrimogenitorThere’s lots of stuff I wanted to get in, and some bits of it fit better than others. Possibly, I’m being a bit indulgent–do I really need skaven plague monks riding giant, poison-breathing bats, or a scene featuring a plaguebearer in a periwig? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

Or, it could simply be that I need an additional 20-30,000 words to play with, because that’s what the story requires. Maybe this is just one of those books that needs to be a doorstop, whatever my inclinations.

But, all of that is for the revising stage. Right now, all that matters is getting the draft hammered out. Which I intend to do, come hell or high water. Hopefully next week, but I’ll settle for end of the month.

I’m keeping that daemon in a periwig in, though. That’s my legacy for the future, right there. My gift to the generations yet to be.

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