WIP Wednesday: Whatever

Why was I numbering these again? Anyway, fresh start. No numbers. Mostly because I lost count, and I don’t feel like making the (admittedly minor) effort to check back through the entries to see where I left off.

Over the past few weeks I managed to finish Book #4 and start Book #5. The latter is a shorter novel, only 50,000 words or so. I started last week and I’ve managed to clock around 21,000 words. Which is great, because the midway draft is due on Monday.

It’s a different sort of book for me. Same company, different setting. One I haven’t been given the opportunity to write before. That said, it’s proving less difficult than I expected. Lots of terminology and techno-babble to wrap around the thing I do best – characters saying vaguely snarky things to one another. Also, a Feuillade-esque rooftop chase sequence across not-Constantinople that just, sorta, kinda, came out of left field but I’m going to roll with it.

Besides that, I started and finished a short story for Black Library the week before last. It’s the third – no, fourth – story I’ve written with this particular character, but this time he was fighting a robot, so I guess it’s okay. Only one of those stories is out, at the moment, but it’s a pretty good indication of my intentions for the character in question. It’s also in audio form, so you don’t even have to read it. Handy, right?

Anyway, I’ve also continued to intermittently plug away at my cryptid novella, “Inzignanin”. I’ve managed to edge it up to the 20,500 word mark, at a rate of 500 words a day, for the past week or so. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but combined with work on Book #5 and other, non-writing related, tasks I’ve had to work on these past three weeks, it’s enough. I’ve got roughly a month and a half to finish it up, and I’m in the home stretch, I think.

That said, this one has gotten away from me. It’s gone off in a weird direction, involving magic and time travel and lawyers, and I’m not sure if that’s to its benefit or not. But I’m trying a new thing, called trusting my first instinct. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t. But I’m letting it play out like it wants. We’ll see what happens.

And that’s what I’ve been working on.