WIP Wednesday: Hacktober

October is almost over, and I haven’t watched a single monster movie. I really need to rectify that. Tell you what – come back on Friday, and maybe we’ll watch one together. In other news, I have works in progress to discuss.

I’ve reached the 31,000 (out of 50,000) word mark of Book #5, so it’s about time to start beating all these random scenes into some sort of structure. I tend to write around the plot on projects like this. Lots of scenes written in isolation, now needing to be tied together. Conversations between characters, duels, that sort of thing.

I expect the book to go somewhat over the word limit, if not excessively so. The problem with writing scenes out of joint is that you invariably end up with too much material, and not all of it necessary. Some of it will definitely be cut in the editing phase.

Work on my cryptid novella has also continued apace. I took a break from the book over the weekend, and concentrated on trying to drag the novella over the finish line. I wasn’t able to manage it, but I did get things a lot closer to a suitably insane conclusion, at 22,000 words out of a probable 30,000. The ancient ritual has begun and the Lee County Lizard Man bounds towards his eldritch prey, a much battered mercenary in hot pursuit. It’s a traditional story of monsters, sorcerers, murder-hobos, Confederate mummies, and time travel.

Later on this week, I need to get to work on my pitch for Book #6, which will see me travelling once more to the Mortal Realms, writing about characters in search of a mystical macguffin or eight. I’m really looking forward to this one, for various reasons. Mostly the weirdness of the various protagonists: Short guy who’s on fire, Renaissance gunslinger, clockwork armour lady, and…a vampire. Some of them are weirder than others.

Anyway, it’s almost Halloween. Why not read this free story about a creepy, heart-eating raven monster?