The Hound’s Daughter

It began in 1914, as a four-legged nightmare hunted the bloody wastes of no man’s land. Seven years later, the horror reappeared, stronger, and stranger, than before. Now, it has come for the third time, more monstrous than ever, and seeking new prey…


From the blurb:

Herein find a demonic presence haunting a factory, a malevolent and malign intelligence in the form of a canine, a zombie horde attacking the tour bus of a rock band unfortunate enough to break down near Black Rock Nevada, and a weird western tale of trickery and betrayal. Herein find both a horse and a misguided band named after Lucifer—that personification of all that is evil. And for those who suffer from the unfortunate mental malady of arachnophobia, I recommend that you do NOT read the final tale of this villainous volume.

The Pulpwork Press Halloween Special 2016 is now available for purchase, in paperback and for the Kindle. It includes my homage to the silver scream classics of yesteryear, “The Hound’s Daughter”, a Royal Occultist story featuring lobotomised zombies, a mad scientist, foggy London streets, and, of course, the titular Hound himself. If you’re interested, this makes for the third time the Royal Occultist has faced off against the Hound of Mons, following on from “Hochmuller’s Hound” (2014) and “The Return of the Hound” (2015).

This story, much like the others in this mini-series, finds its inspiration in the old Universal monster movies of the Thirties and Forties. Those films have always had a particular resonance for me. They are prisms of light and shadow, dreamlike and strange in their mannered, almost sedate approach to monstrosity. There’s nothing quite like them, in my opinion. As Halloween approaches, I always set aside a few hours to catch up with old friends – Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula’s daughter, the Invisible man – and I always come away with a new appreciation for them.

In fact, I think I’m going to go watch one right now. While I’m doing that, why not grab your copy of The Pulpwork Press Halloween Special 2016?