WIP Wednesday: It’s Fine. This is Fine.

By the end of 2016, I will have written thirty-one novels, twenty-four of which have been published (and three of which never will be). I have three novels commissioned for 2017, with a possible two others to be added to that schedule.

It’s fine. This is fine. I can do this.

On Monday, I finished the first draft of “Inzignanin”, my novella for CRYPTID CLASH!, after running up right against the 30,000 word limit. It’s a weird one. Not quite the grindhouse pulp-nasty feel I was going for. Instead, there’s supernatural time travel, ghost-lizards, Confederate zombies, a Fritz Leiber reference, murder-hobos, an occult lawyer, and a Lizard Man punching the personification of a city’s evil.

I took a break from Book #5 to finish up the novella, but got back to the novel on Tuesday. As of today, the manuscript stands at roughly 39,000 words. It isn’t quite where I wanted to be, word count-wise but it’ll do. I’ve got another week and some change before the deadline rears its ugly head.

This one is proving to be fun. I haven’t written a proper fight scene for the book yet. There’s one coming, obviously, but so far, the book is mostly political intrigue, clandestine meetings and quiet conversations between smart characters. I like books like that. And hopefully, it’ll lead to that big fight at the end feeling earned.

Besides the novel, I’m working on the pitch for Book #6, which is looking like it’ll be fun. Lots of big set pieces – airships, sky-krakens, giant spiders, city-smashing war machines – and some interesting characters. Or so I’m hoping. Either way, it’s going to be a big, loud book, to contrast with the much quieter one I’m currently writing.

To close this out, just a reminder that it’s almost Halloween, and that it’s the perfect time to download the free Royal Occultist Halloween Special, featuring three free short stories, including “The Creature from the Abysmal Sea”, my homage to The Creature of the Black Lagoon. Go check it out.