WIP Wednesday: Ain’t Got No Time

I am (still) under the weather, so this is going to be a short one today. 

I missed three days last week due to illness. I’m still sick, but well enough to sit upright at my computer so…well. Despite this, I’ve managed to drag Book #5 over the 49,000 word mark. If you’ll recall, the word count for this one is 50,000 words which – hahaha. Yeah. No. I estimate things will wind down around the 55-58,000 word mark.

The deadline is Monday, so I’m really hoping to power through the lurgy and get it finished by then. I’ve always prided myself on getting things in early, or on time, and I’d hate for this to be the first time I fail to do so. The book is almost done, but it’s not something I can just rattle out. I need to think about it, and get the pieces in the right order, and that takes time. Which is the one thing I don’t have a lot of, at the moment.

Still, could be worse, I suppose.  I could still have a book pitch to finish – oh. Yeah.

Welp. Sing me home, Eartha.