The Sunday After

Black Library Live! 2016 is over and done with, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Except the people whose cab Mark Clapham and I stole. In our defence, we didn’t know, and we’re very sorry. I mean, not really, because I had a train to catch, and survival of the fittest, et cetera and so on, but still, apologies.

Anyway, the day went better than I expected. I tend to be somewhat pessimistic regarding events where I’m expected to be entertaining. I’m not, by nature, an entertaining sort of fellow. I don’t like talking, I don’t like people, and I don’t like travelling. So, three strikes already. But I muddled through, in as best a fashion as I could manage. And I have plenty of people to thank for it.

I looked to others for examples of how to act – Aaron Dembski-Bowden. Guy Haley. The aforementioned Mark Clapham. John French. Gav Thorpe. Neil Roberts. David Guymer. Nick Kyme. Graciousness incarnate, the lot of them. I can generally count on them to show me how to behave.

To all those who came out to get a book signed, or just to chat – Nichola, Schafer, the Pauls (all five of them), the Jays (two), the Liams (three), David, Greg, Michael, Felicity, Alex, Frank, Andrey, Andy and the many, many others – thank you. Sometimes I get so caught up writing the things, I forget that there are actual people out there who read my books.

To the Games Workshop/Black Library staff who made a stressful event much less stressful – Claudia, Amy, Lindsey, Graeme, Laurie, Matt, Callum, Eddie, and the rest – thank you for putting up with me, and my inability to be anywhere on time. And for supplying me with caffeine. I appreciate it.

If you were there, I hope you enjoyed yourself. And if you weren’t, I hope you’ll consider coming next year.

Also, please consider pre-ordering Fabius Bile: Primogenitor. If it sells out, I promise I’ll write ‘The Adventures of Fabius Bile, Southern Gentleman’, to read at the next event I’m invited to.