Manglers Never Lose

My first Blood Bowl story, “Manglers Never Lose”, is out today, as a Monday Quick Read on the Black Library site.


From the blurb:

Tyrus Bundt, coach of the Middenplatz Manglers, finds his star player dead on the eve of the Doombowl finals. With no time to recruit a replacement, he can only think of one last, desperate option – find a necromancer!

This story was a blast to write. Probably the most enjoyable bit of work I had, this year, honestly. Bundt and the rest of the Middenplatz Manglers have quickly become some of my favourite characters to write about. So much so, in fact, that I jumped at the opportunity to write a SECOND story featuring the team, “Doc Morgrim’s Vow”, which’ll be out next month as part of the 2016 Advent Calendar.

My hope is, if these two stories prove popular, I’ll get to write about the Middenplatz Manglers again. So, I’d appreciate it if all you Blood Bowl fans out there could pick up the story and give it a shot. And if you enjoy it, and want more, be sure to let Black Library know.

“Manglers Never Lose” is available via the Black Library site as a digital download.

2 thoughts on “Manglers Never Lose

  1. I read it this morning – I’m glad it was fun to write, as it was hugely fun to read! I’d love to see more of these guys, so looking forward to the Advent short and keeping my fingers crossed for even more…maybe even a novel?! Review incoming…

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