Pater Mutatis

He is known by many names…Primogenitor…Clonelord…Manflayer. The epitome of deceit and perversion, feared by man and monster alike. And he might just be the last hope humanity has, in the grim darkness of the far future…


Fabius Bile: Primogenitor is now available to purchase, in all its various formats – hardback, digital, audio and limited edition (less than 600 of those left, btw). It’s already gotten a handful of good reviews, on Goodreads and various forums. If you’ve read it, and you enjoyed it, feel free to post a review yourself. Every little bit helps, and the more word of mouth there is, the more likely the book is to sell.

People have asked me whether this is the first in a series – it is, with the caveat that if Primogenitor doesn’t meet sales expectations, there probably won’t be a third volume. So, you know, re-tweets, shares, reviews, any and all of that would be appreciated, if you’ve bought it. And if you haven’t, maybe give it a try. You can even download it for the Kindle, if you like.

I’ll talk a bit more about it, in the weeks to come. It’s my second Warhammer 40,000 novel (after Deathstorm) and the first that isn’t tied into an ongoing release in some way, so it’s a big deal – for me, at least. For now, if you’ve gotten your copy, thanks for picking it up, and I hope you enjoy it. And if you did enjoy it, do me a favour, and let folks know.