Road of Blades

The first of my four contributions to this year’s Black Library Advent Calendar, “The Road of Blades”, is now available to download, if you’re of a mind. It’s an Age of Sigmar story, and a sort-of, not-quite prologue to my current novel-in-progressEight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows.


From the blurb:

Those who tread the Road of Blades do so seeking glory in the eyes of the Dark Gods, or so Ahazian Kel believes. He is the last of his tribe, a Deathbringer, a fearless warrior whose path leads him to the dreaded Soulmaw, a forge-citadel and bastion of Khorne’s Skullgrinders, a place between realms. To breach such a fortress… the rewards could be beyond imagining, even the power to determine your own destiny…

The story centres on Ahazian Kel, one of the antagonists for my current work-in-progress, Spear of Shadows, and brings together several plot elements from my previous novels, Black Rift and Fury of Gork. Ahazian, last hero of the people known as the Ekran, also has a connection to my forthcoming novel, Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden, but I’ll talk about that later.

Ahazian is an interesting character to write – a Bloodbound who uses his wits, as well as his weapons. Utterly uninterested in commanding armies or conquering territory, Ahazian fights with religious devotion, attempting to become one with the concept of war itself. He’s gotten plenty of screen time in Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows as well – first fighting his way through an undead army, then through a tribe of singularly unlucky orruks – with more to come. He’s a lone warrior, on a mission from a god, and he’ll fight his way through anyone or anything that tries to stop him.

You don’t have to read “The Road of Blades” to enjoy Eight Lamentations, but I recommend it, especially if you’ve been wondering just what the eponymous Lamentations are, and who’s after them. If you’re on the fence, why not check out this review, and see if it decides you.

“The Road of Blades” is available to download from Black Library.

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