Nine Days of Nagash

Right, so…’tis the season. Christmas. A time of giving. A time of charity and compassion, unless your name is Jacob Marley. So, to that end, I’ve decided to raffle off a signed copy of Nagash: The Undying King, my newest Age of Sigmar novel, in return for charitable donations to a worthy cause.

The book is currently only available as a limited edition hardback from Warhammer World and Games Workshop events. So if you’re not planning to head to Nottingham anytime soon, this might be your best chance to get a copy, outside of ebay.

Nagash: The Undying King finds Nagash and his Mortarchs, Neferata and Arkhan, in the northern reaches of Shyish in the years following the Undying King’s defeat at the hands of Archaon, the Exalted Grand Marshal of Chaos. Can the Mortarchs rally the Rictus Clans in time to prevent the Pox-Crusade of Blightmaster Wolgus from finding one of nine gates into the underworld, or is Nagash doomed to defeat once more?

Sounds good, right? Right. So, to get a chance at a signed copy, all you have to do is donate £5.00 or more to the Sheffield RSPCA, and send me an email with proof of donation. Once you do that, I’ll write down your name, and throw it into the hat. Nine days from now, I’ll draw a name from the hat, and the lucky winner will receive a signed book in the post.

So, to sum up: Donate £5.00 or more to the Sheffield RSPCA, send me proof of donation at argus33 at hotmail dot com, and get your name added to the hat. Nine days from now, on December 13th, I’ll draw a name from the hat, and announce the winner.

I may even post pictures of the hat.

That’s it. Go forth and do my will.

And remember, children – all are one in Nagash, and Nagash is all.


6 thoughts on “Nine Days of Nagash

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  2. I’m not a big fan of the Age of Sigmar, but it’s a nice initiative and a good cause so I’ll throw my name in the hat.

    I demand pics of said hat 9 days from now!

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