Prodigal Child

The second of my four contributions to this year’s Black Library Advent Calendar, “Prodigal”, is now available to download, if you’re looking for something to read. It’s a Fabius Bile story, and something of a prequel to Fabius Bile: Primogenitorthough you don’t need to read one to enjoy the other.


From the blurb:

When Fabius Bile is attacked by daemons aboard his frigate Vesalius, he is surprised to be rescued by an old friend, one of his very first experiments. It has ever been the Apothecary’s desire to improve mankind, to render them hardy enough to endure in a galaxy of pain and war. Such desires have often led to abominations created by Bile’s own hand, and enemies too numerous to list. This creation, Melusine, though ostensibly an ally, bears a cryptic message, one that could bode ill or well for her Progenitor…

“Prodigal”, like the other Fabius Bile short stories, “A Memory of Tharsis” and “The Howling Ship”, explores a throwaway line from Primogenitor. Too, like “A Memory of Tharsis”, it’s a more introspective piece, with Fabius ruminating on his life and work, as well as the nature of his quest, when he is reunited with one of his creations, long thought lost to the vagaries of Eyespace.

Anyway, “Prodigal” is available to download from Black Library. And be sure to check out the rest of this year’s Advent offerings, including “Road of Blades”.

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