One Hundred Woes

The third of my four contributions to this year’s Black Library Advent Calendar, “Doc Morgrim’s Vow”, is now available to download, if you’re looking for some grisly gridiron action. It’s a sequel to my previous Blood Bowl story, “Manglers Never Lose”, and though you don’t need to read one to enjoy the other, I encourage you to do so. Mostly because if they sell well, I might get to write more of them.


From the blurb:

Having sworn an oath and despite his misgivings, Doc Morgrim is returning to Norsca and the hold of Krakadrak to take part in the Tournament of a Hundred Woes. His Blood Bowl team, the Middenplatz Manglers, must prove their mettle against The Dragon’s Hold Drakeslayers in a game where victory will not only determine the spoils but something much more important to Morgrim… his freedom!

As mentioned above, “Doc Morgrim’s Vow” is a sequel to “Manglers Never Lose”. The Middenplatz Manglers (both living and dead) and their semi-psychotic coach, Tyros Bundt, head to snowy Norsca to try and wrest the Angry Dragon Cup from its current possessors, the Dragon’s Hold Drakeslayers. Unfortunately, as is the norm in Blood Bowl, complications arise in the form of – well, buy the story and find out.

Like “Manglers Never Lose”, this was a lot of fun to write. More fun than I expected, really. I’ve become quite attached to the Manglers, and hope to write more about them in the future. Who knows – I might even pitch a book…

“Doc Morgrim’s Vow” is available to download from Black Library. And be sure to check out the rest of this year’s Advent offerings, including “Road of Blades” and “Prodigal”.

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