A Trick of the Light

A new year, a new story. In this case, it’s a follow-up of sorts to the last story of last year, “The Art of Provocation”. In “A Trick of the Light”, Lukas is not yet the Trickster, but instead Lukas the aspirant, stumbling through the snows of Fenris, on the hunt for – and being hunted by – the murderous doppelgangrel…


From the site:

A name lives in infamy amongst the Space Wolves of Fenris, not a foe but rather one of their own brotherhood, the Blood Claw, Lukas Strifeson. The Trickster. The Jackalwolf. He has ever been vainglorious, boastful and irreverent, even before his apotheosis to Sky Warrior. His quest for the Canis Helix takes Lukas deep into the ice of Fenris where krakens and bone-numbing cold await. Of all the hazards the death world has to offer, none are as deadly as the fabled doppelgangrel. Fate smiles poorly on Lukas when the beast gains his scent and his true trial to become a Space Wolf begins…

Well, I did say there’d be more, didn’t I? That aside, anyone expecting as many laughs as “The Art of Provocation” will likely be disappointed. Not to say there’s not some humour in “A Trick of the Light”, but it’s a bleaker sort. Gallows humour, you might say.

One of the questions I’ve always had about Lukas is exactly how and why such an individual came to be chosen to join the Space Wolves. Was it luck? Or was there some other purpose at work? And why is Lukas the way he is? I’m not promising any answers, mind, but it was fun to explore the character and his place in the setting.

Of course, there was always one other question that bugged me: how exactly did Lukas come to get one of his hearts carved out by the famed dark eldar corsair known as Duke Sliscus? How did that go down, exactly?

Somebody should write a book about that.

Anyway, “A Trick of the Light” is available to download now from the Black Library site. Why not check it out? And if you enjoy it, and want more Lukas in your life, why not download and listen to “The Art of Provocation”?