More Stories With Bite

The Kickstarter campaign for Sharkpunk 2 has gone live, bringing back a whole new shiver of shark stories with bite!


A follow-up to the 2015 anthology, Sharkpunk, Sharkpunk 2 is similarly inspired by classic selachian films such as Jaws (1975), Jaws 2 (1978) and Jaws: The Revenge (1987).

We do not speak of Jaws: 3-D. 

And like SharkpunkSharkpunk 2 includes a Royal Occultist story, “The Thunder, His Passing”. This time, Charles St. Cyprian and Ebe Gallowglass are trading the white cliffs of Dover for the shores of Fiji, as they attempt to stave off the wrath of the shark-god, Dakuwaqa.

Also like Sharkpunk, there are a host of other great authors involved – James Lovegrove, Gav Thorpe, and Guy Haley. And a number of fantastic backer rewards. Head over to the Kickstarter page to learn more.

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