New Stuff

I’ve been remiss in pointing out some new stuff that’s come out recently. And by new stuff, I mean books, which you can buy, if you’re of a mind.

First up, Black Library has released two new omnibuses, both of which contain novels by me. The firstLegends of the Age of Sigmar, includes my 2016 novel, Skaven Pestilens, as well as the anthologies, Fyreslayers and Sylvaneth – the latter of which also contains my 2016 short stories, “The Resolute” and “The Outcast”. The second omnibusShield of Baal, includes my 2014 Blood Angels novel, Deathstorm. 

Speaking of Black Library, there are less than 300 copies of the limited edition of Fabius Bile: Primogenitor left. So if you want a copy of that groovy Necronomicon-esque LE, best get it while the getting is good.

Alternative Realities’ anthology Summer’s End came out at the tail end of last year. It includes my story, “The Last Song of Iranon”, which ties together not one, not two, not three, but four H.P. Lovecraft stories. It’s a follow-up to my 2014 story, “Mordiggian’s Due”, which appeared in Pulp Mill Press’ Libram MysteriumIt continues the adventures of Amina Algol and her ghoulish siblings in Earth’s Dreamlands. This time, they’re on the hunt for a murderous ‘ghost-eater’ in the lizard-haunted ruins of Sarnath, as he attempts to employ the talents of a mournful ghost to uncover a hidden treasure.