Orbis Tertius

The first issue of Occult Detective Quarterly is now available for purchase, and as is only proper for a magazine with that title, it includes a story by me, myself and I. “Orbis Tertius” finds St. Cyprian and Gallowglass investigating a cursed artefact of a most unusual sort, as a monstrous evil seeks to consume the membership of London’s Voyagers Club. 


“Orbis Tertius” owes a great deal to the works of Jorge Luis Borges, a writer I find particularly influential. Interestingly, it’s also one of the earliest Royal Occultist stories I wrote, though it took several years for it to find a home. One day soon, I might get up the gumption to put together a series list in order-of-publication, and see if there’s any visible evolution of the characters from their first appearance in “Krampusnacht” to their most recent appearances, coming later this year.

The Voyagers Club is another long existent set piece of the Royal Occultist mythos – it’s appeared several times in the background of the stories, and been mentioned more than once. I hope to dig more into its ethos and membership in the future, because the idea of a bunch of old (and not so old) explorers collecting artefacts and swapping stories just seems like fertile soil for stories.

The issue also includes fiction by Willie Meikle, Amanda DeWees and others, as well as non-fiction by Tim Prasil, Charles Rutledge and more. It’s available to order from Electric Pentacle Press. If you’re on the fence about ordering it, why not check out some of these reviews from Black Gate Magazine, Ginger Nuts of Horror and others?

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