Deadly Shadows

I have a new Royal Occultist story available, for those interested in that sort of thing. “The Black Brotherhood” finds St. Cyprian and Gallowglass travelling to Hampstead in 1924, on the trail of a shadowy organisation and an obsidian mirror.


“The Black Brotherhood”, besides being the second Royal Occultist story to be published in 2017, also sees the return of the portly would-be occultist, Philip Wendy-Smythe, who has once again managed to land St. Cyprian and Gallowglass into trouble. It also finds St. Cyprian forced to thwart the schemes of his old enemies, the malevolent Order of the Cosmic Ram, even as it introduces a new foe for the Royal Occultist in the form of the eponymous brotherhood…a mysterious South American society of shadow-walkers.

“The Black Brotherhood” is available as a digital download on and its subsidiaries, as well as on Smashwords. And be sure to check out the previous Weird Heroes entries, “Hairy Shanks” and “Pittailiniq”, both of which are a part of the greater Royal Occultist mythos, for those keeping track.

As ever, if you’re a fan of the Royal Occultist stories, I encourage you to check out the Royal Occultist Facebook page, as well as the Royal Occultist site. Both of those are full of information about the stories, and the characters, if you’re interested to learn more. I may even start updating the site on a more regular basis…

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  1. Read it on a plane trip. Good story. The Brotherhood’s tendicy to use the shadows, laugh manically, and where slouch hats made me think of a certain pulp hero. Don’t know if that was

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