The Horrorists

There’s a brand new, previously unpublished, story up for patrons over at my Patreon page. A dollar buys you “The Cult of the Horrible”, a new Royal Occultist story.

In “The Cult of the Horrible”, Charles St. Cyprian, the Royal Occultist, and his erstwhile assistant, Ebe Gallowglass, head to South Yorkshire to investigate a shady carnival with ties to the eponymous society, at the behest of an old flame of St. Cyprian’s.

If you’re keeping track, this is the third new Royal Occultist story of the year, after “The Black Brotherhood” and “Orbis Tertius”. It’s also the third Patreon story, after “The Black Pullet” and “Barnard’s Law”, both of which you can read if you become a patron.

The Patreon page has been an interesting experiment, thus far. I’ve been fiddling with it some, mostly trying to figure out how it works. If you’ve become a patron or are planning on it in the future – thank you! It’s much appreciated.

As ever, if you’re a fan of the Royal Occultist stories, I encourage you to check out the Royal Occultist Facebook page, as well as the Royal Occultist site. Both of those are full of information about the stories, and the characters, if you’d like to learn more.