Those Folk Below

Dark Regions Press has released the cover and table of contents for their forthcoming anthology, Arkham Detective Agency, a Lovecraftian-noir tribute to the late C.J. Henderson. I’m proud to say that I have a story in the book, alongside authors such as Konstantine Paradias, Sam Gafford and Glynn Owen Barrass.


Henderson’s stories have always been a source of inspiration for me. He did hard boiled versus Cthulhu better than anyone, and his Teddy London series were among the influences for my own Royal Occultist stories. When editor Brian M. Sammons offered me the chance to contribute, I leaped at the opportunity to pay tribute to one of my favourite authors, by writing a story set in one of his universes, using his characters as well as my own.

My contribution, “Those Folk Below”, finds Frank Nardi and the Arkham Detective Agency working security as Miskatonic University hosts a rare book auction. The book in question? The Unaussprechlichen Kulten. Things quickly spiral out of control, as you might expect.

Too, as I mentioned above, I couldn’t resist adding a few of my own characters into the mix: Indrid Cold (who has previously appeared in the stories “The Yoth Protocols”, “The Romero Transference”, “Time’s Black Gulf” and “The Pnakotic Puzzle”) and newcomer Count Anton Sforza (who carries a very familiar Webley-Fosbery revolver and may, or may not, be the grandson of a certain Royal Occultist…).

The anthology will be part of a huge, six book Cthulhu Mythos Kickstarter campaign from Dark Regions Press starting May 2nd. A lot of great books will be part of it, so please check that out once it begins for this anthology and more.

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