Plague-Ridden Pre-Order

My newest novel, Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden, is up for pre-order on both the Black Library site and various international distributors, and I thought I’d take a moment to talk a bit about it.


Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden is the first of what will hopefully be a new Age of Sigmar series, following the ongoing adventures of the Stormcast Eternals of the Steel Souls warrior chamber, including Lord-Celestant Gardus, Lord-Castellant Grymn and Knight-Vexillor Angstun Drahn, among others – some of whom are appearing for the first time in this book!

Following on from the events depicted in the Realmgate Wars novelsWar Storm, Ghal Maraz,Wardens of the Everqueen and Mortarch of Night, the book finds the Steel Souls in an uncomfortably familiar position – one of their own has been lost in the noxious realm of the plague god, Nurgle. But rather than accepting the loss and pressing on, as they did before, Gardus Steel Soul decides instead to lead an assault upon the titular Plague Garden, in order to rescue their comrade.

To that end, the Steel Souls must fight their way through seven vast tiers of toxic horror, containing armies of daemons, lost souls and nightmarish monsters, before a final confrontation on the steps of Nurgle’s manse itself.

This book was a particularly fun one for me to work on. Besides getting a chance to catch up with old friends like Gardus, it was also an opportunity to dig a bit more deeply into how and why the Stormcast Eternals function as they do. Too, I got to explore the Garden of Nurgle in some detail, which was highly entertaining.

As mentioned above, the book is available for pre-order, either as a hardback or an ebook. I’m told that copies of the hardback might also be available for purchase at Warhammer Fest 2017, if you’re planning on attending. I might even be able to sign them for you, if you can find me.