The Steel Soul

A bit of humble bragging to start the week off right. A reader named Max Fitzgerald recently sent me a picture of his swell Gardus Steel Soul conversion. 


That’s pretty cool, ain’t it? I particularly like the eyes.

Gardus, if you weren’t aware, is the main protagonist of my newest novel, Hallowed Knights: Plague GardenHe’s also appeared in my novellas, “The Gates of Dawn” and “War in the Hidden Vale”. And you can read more about the Hallowed Knights Stormhost in Wardens of the Everqueenby Clint Werner, and Mortarch of Nightwritten by myself and David Guymer.

I encourage you to pick some or all of those up, if you get the chance, particularly Plague Garden. And if you’ve read the latter and enjoyed it, why not leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads? Word of mouth is the best way to sell these sorts of books, and to ensure that there’s more of them in the future.

Oh, and if something I’ve written has inspired you to create something – a model conversion, fan art, whatever – please do share it with me, if you’re so inclined. I always enjoy seeing that sort of thing.