Auction of Blood

I’ve got a new story out today. “Auction of Blood” is part of Black Library’s annual ‘Summer of Reading’, and also ties in to my forthcoming novel, Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows.


From the blurb:

Palem Bok is a humble collector of the arcane, a trader of sorts but a resourceful one. He has to be, for Bok is also a spy for the Queen of Mysteries, Neferata herself! Sent to an illicit auction in Greywater Fastness, his mission is the retrieval of an esoteric item for his vampiric mistress. But Bok soon finds that this seemingly simple task is far more dangerous than he bargained for.

I had a lot of fun writing this one. I’ve been wanting to explore how Neferata’s interdimensional spy network might work, as well as the particulars of the city of Greywater Fastness. I’ve also been wanting to do a story about the grittier side of Age of Sigmar – the places where Stormcast Eternals and Chaos champions rarely tread.

Too, Palem Bok, bookseller and spy, is a different sort of character to those introduced in Age of Sigmar, so far. For one thing, he’s not based on an existing miniature! For another, he’s a character very much in the tradition of the Old World, and Warhammer Fantasy.

Bok is an innocuous sort, all but unnoticeable amid the bombast and pageantry of Age of Sigmar. He’s a little man in a big world, with a knife up his sleeve, and a love of rare books. I’d honestly love to write more about him, so if you enjoy the story, be sure to let Black Library know, via their Facebook page. Specifically, maybe on this post here.

And while we’re talking short stories, be sure to check out “Road of Blades” – a semi-sort of prequel to Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows, introducing one of the novel’s major characters, Ahazian Kel.

“Auction of Blood” is available via the Black Library site, as well as on AmazonEight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows will be available for preorder from September 2nd.