Uninvited Guests

18thWall Productions’ newest anthology, Speakeasies & Spiritualists, is now available from all reputable retailers. It includes my newest Royal Occultist story, “The Uninvited Guest”, which finds St. Cyprian and Gallowglass investigating a seance gone very wrong.


From the blurb:

Psychic investigators on the trail of the trail of a jazz musician who seems to have crawled from the grave. Amateur, living room seances going very wrong when mixed with grief for those who died in the war. Strange men warning out of Florida storms. Dream Demons stalking Chicago, feeding off bar-dwellers, and floors painted with mystic stars.

For those interested, “The Uninvited Guest” is the fifty-sixth Royal Occultist story to be published/announced for publication. Which is quite a few, if we’re counting. Here’s hoping there’ll be fifty-six more.

Speakeasies & Spiritualists is available from the publisher, as well as Amazon.com and its subsidiaries.