Bride of the Hound

Halloween is almost here, and that means a new Pulpwork Halloween Special is out. It includes my story, “The Bride of the Hound”, a new Royal Occultist adventure, featuring the return of the abominable Hound of Mons, as well as a few other familiar faces.

Halloween Special 2017 Front Cover

From the blurb:

Herein find tales of undead outlaws, secret government organisations with the edict of battling malign manifestations of the outer world, travelling exorcists with beautiful and mysterious assistants, frat parties that turn into demonic conflagrations, and mad vivisectionists living on in the bodies of others.

My contribution, “The Bride of the Hound”, follows on from last year’s “The Hound’s Daughter”, and sees the next offensive in the war between the Royal Occultist, Charles St. Cyprian, and the monstrous Dr. Hochmuller, AKA the Hound of Mons. This time, however, the Hound might have bitten off even more than he can chew, as he – and by extension, St. Cyprian – becomes involved with a cynocephalic cult and horrors beneath the earth.

This story, like the previous ones – “Hochmuller’s Hound”, “The Return of the Hound”, and “The Hound’s Daughter” – is very much an homage to the old black and white horror films that I grew up on, like Revenge of the Creature (1955) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935). Specifically, it’s an homage to the monster rally films of the period, like House of Dracula (1945). I won’t spoil things by giving away the plot, but safe to say, Hochmuller isn’t the worst monster in this one.

As to whether there’ll be any more entries in the series, I am kicking around ideas for a few. You can’t keep a good monster down, after all.

Pulpwork Halloween Special 2017 is available via Amazon and its various subsidiaries.