Burying the Book

The first Weirdbook Annual is now available for purchase, just in time for Halloween. It includes my story, “Laying the Hairy Book”, which finds Low Country ghost-breaker, John Bass, tasked to destroy the eponymous tome before its author reclaims it.


“Laying the Hairy Book” is the twelfth story to feature the crotchety ghost-breaker, John Bass. Given the anthology’s title, it’s probably not hard to guess what he’s up against this time – not just haints, but hags as well.

Bass has appeared in quite a few of my stories, including “Rattlesnake Eyes” and “Seven Heart Beats”, both of which can be read for free. While those two stories take place in the mountains of North Carolina, “Laying the Hairy Book” is set in Bass’ usual stomping grounds of Jackapo County, South Carolina.

Weirdbook Annual #1 can be purchased for download via Amazon and its subsidiaries.

One thought on “Burying the Book

  1. Just read and enjoyed those two John Bass stories. He’s sort of to the Low Country what Silver John was to the Appalachian Mountains isn’t he?

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