Brambles and Blades

Another Advent, another new story. Black Library has released my newest Eight Lamentations story, “The Tainted Axe” as part of this year’s Advent Calendar. 


From the blurb:

Sir Roggen of the Order of the Furrow, a knight dedicated to Alarielle herself, returns to the Realm of Life after a mission for the smith god Grungni that has left him physically and mentally scarred. Tasked with a new mission by a capricious Branchwych, he travels to the heart of the Writhing Weald, a twisted and dangerous place haunted by malign spirits, to retrieve a weapon of Chaos, wielded by a servant of the Plague God and capable of spreading corruption even abandoned and alone. And there he will face a great darkness…

As with much of my work for GW’s Age of Sigmar setting, “The Tainted Axe” ties into a number of other stories. Besides following along from events in Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadowsit also serves as a loose sequel to “The Outcast”, currently available in Legends of the Age of Sigmar Omnibus

It’s also the third part of a sub-plot dealing with the Order of the Fly and the ownership of the cursed duchy of Festerfane. This sub-plot is threaded through “The Outcast”, Hallowed Knights: Plague Gardenand now, “The Tainted Axe”. I’d love to write more about the Order of the Fly in the future, so hopefully this isn’t the last you’ve seen of them.

“The Tainted Axe” is available as a digital download from Black Library, as well as and its subsidiaries.