2017 Recap

This was a weird year. It wasn’t just me, right?

Speaking for myself, it was a hard one, for various reasons. I set out with good intentions – I wanted to work smarter this year, rather than harder, and wound up doing neither. I wanted to dial back my time wasting on social media and get this site humming along, but fell back into bad habits fairly quickly. A hundred little blue devils of delay and distraction nipped at my heels and never quite let up.

For whatever reason, I lost my stride, somewhere around the middle of the year, and never quite caught back up – I struggled to hit my deadlines, and had to say ‘no’ to quite a few projects I was otherwise looking forward to doing. In fact, I am, even now, working desperately to finish up the last book of this year, before January 1st rolls around. Luckily, I’ve only got around 10k words to go, and around fifty hours to do it in.

Plenty of time.

All that said, I did manage to accomplish a few things, despite my inability to manage a schedule. By midnight on December 31st, I will have managed to have written a goodly amount of words, including four novels for Black Library, and a new story for what will hopefully be the first of several Royal Occultist short story collections.

Too, I co-edited the Cryptid Clash! novella series, alongside James Bojaciuk. Featuring stories by some fantastic authors, including Gav Thorpe and William Meikle, the series has been popular enough to warrant a follow-up, next year.

I also managed to successfully set up my Patreon page, after several years of dithering. I did a number of interviews, and even a few public appearances. I’ll be doing more of those next year, by the way, if you’re interested.

Besides all of that, I had a not-insubstantial amount of fiction published this year. We’ll start with audios first, since there was only one.

  • 2017, Blackshields: The False War, CD/MP3 Release, Black Library

Novel-wise, I only had four published this year, all for Black Library this time around. I also had several of my earlier Black Library novels reprinted, in one form or another.

  • 2017, Fabius Bile: Clonelord, Black Library
  • 2017, Fulgrim: The Palatine Phoenix, Black Library
  • 2017, Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows, Black Library
  • 2017, Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden, Black Library

I had two novellas published this year, one of which was part of the Cryptid Clash! series. The other was an introductory piece for the Age of Sigmar setting, meant to appeal to new readers.

  • 2017, Cryptid Clash!: Inzignanin, 18thWall Productions
  • 2017, “Hammerhal”, Hammerhal & Other Stories, Black Library

Regarding short stories, I had around twenty-four published this year. Roughly half of those were on Patreon, which makes it much less impressive, if you think about it. Four of the remaining thirteen were for Black Library, with the others appearing in publications such as Occult Detective Quarterly as well as various anthologies.

  • 2017, “The Tainted Axe”, Advent Calendar 2017, Black Library
  • 2017, “The Second Occupant”, Patreon Backer Story #11
  • 2017, “A Dirge of Dust and Steel”, Events Anthology 2017/18, Black Library
  • 2017, “The Maltese Tiger”, Patreon Backer Story #10
  • 2017, “The Bride of the Hound”, Pulpwork Halloween Special, Pulpwork Press
  • 2017, “Laying the Hairy Book”, Weirdbook Annual, Wildside Press
  • 2017, “The Uninvited Guest”, Speakeasies & Spiritualists, 18th Wall Productions
  • 2017, “The Tiger, At Large”, Patreon Backer Story #9
  • 2017, “Auction of Blood”, Summer of Reading, Black Library
  • 2017, “Those Folk Below”, Arkham Detective Agency, Dark Regions Press
  • 2017, “The Roaring Ship”, Free Patreon Story #1
  • 2017, “Murder is a Meal for Two”, Gumshoe Review July 2017 issue
  • 2017, “The Bayonet”, Patreon Backer Story #7
  • 2017, “Tenebre Dark”, Weird Ales: Last Orders, KnightWatch Press
  • 2017, “Cemetery Gun”, Patreon Backer Story #6
  • 2017, “The Occult Legion: Terror on the Links”, Occult Detective Quarterly, issue 2
  • 2017, “The Charnel Hounds”, Patreon Backer Story #5
  • 2017, “The Waters So Dark”, Broadswords & Blasters, issue 1
  • 2017, “Máscara contra Murciélago”, Patreon Backer Story #4
  • 2017, “The Cult of the Horrible”, Patreon Backer Story #3
  • 2017, “The Black Brotherhood”, Weird Heroes #3, Pro Se Press
  • 2017, “Barnard’s Law”, Patreon Backer Story #2
  • 2017, “Orbis Tertius”, Occult Detective Quarterly, issue 1
  • 2017, “The Black Pullet”, Patreon Backer Story #1
  • 2017, “A Trick of the Light”, Monday Quick Read, Black Library

And that’s the story of 2017, pretty much.

Roll on 2018.