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For me, the first day of a new year always brings with it the scent of new possibilities and potential. It’s a day to clean up the office, and tidy my work space. To finish up the last of the previous year’s obligations, and make room for the ones to come.

It’s also the perfect day to remind new readers and old of who I am, and what this site is all about. So. My name is Josh Reynolds, and I’m a writer, occasional editor and semi-professional monster movie enthusiast.

I have been a professional author since 2007, and have had over twenty novels published in that time, as well as a wealth of shorter fiction pieces, including short stories, novellas and the occasional audio script. An up-to-date list of my published work, including licensed fiction for Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 lines, can be found on this site.

I grew up in South Carolina,  a place where hoodoo is still regularly practised. Where vampire-trees are marked with witch-sign and where soul-bottles are hung from branches. Where people paint their houses blue to keep out hungry ghosts and never burn wood from a tree where someone’s been hanged. In retrospect, my chosen vocation is, perhaps, unsurprising.

While this site is mostly a place to promote my work, and update readers on new releases, appearances and the like, it is also what I like to call a ‘secondary creative outlet’. Less pretentiously, it’s a place where I occasionally talk about my writing and what goes into it, as well as various other things that attract my interest. Mostly monster movies, and neat bits of ephemera I collect or produce.

I have all the requisite social media – Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr – and you can also ask me questions about my writing via and this site. Occasionally, I might even answer.

Should you wish to sample my work before you purchase it, I encourage you to have a look at my free fiction page. There are short stories, serials and even a few audios. If you feel like risking a dollar, you could also check out some of the short stories on my Patreon page.

There. Now we’re all caught up. On with the show.