Return of the Widowmaker

Today sees the beginning of Necromunda Week at Black Library, and starting things off is the release of my newest short story, “Death’s Head”.

From the blurb:

There are few names in Necromunda’s underhive that inspire as much fear and dread as that of Lothar Hex. An assassin of unparalleled skill, known as the Widowmaker, his tally of kills is impressive. Rebellious gang leaders, guilders and even the entire populations of small settlements have fallen to his uncanny skills. To cross his path is to court death. So why is Topek Greel, a Goliath ganger, seeking him out? The answer is sure to come with a large helping of blood-soaked mayhem, plenty of murder and Hex’s traditional calling card, the Death’s Head…

Lothar Hex. Anyone else remember him? He was one of my favourite parts of Necromunda, way back in the day. And now I get to reintroduce him to whole new generation of underhivers.

Necromunda was my game. Not Warhammer 40,000, not Warhammer Fantasy. Necromunda. Give me a ganger armed with a stub-gun, a knife and a variety of serious injuries and/or utterly random skill advancements over Space Marines any day of the week. I want bounty hunters and hired scum and Karloth Valois.

Oh, how I hated Karloth Valois.

Remember sustained fire dice? Those were great. I miss sustained fire dice. The thrill of multiple jams when you try and mow down your opponent’s Orlocks as they sprint towards your Cawdor, murder in their eyes. But when it worked…oh, when it worked it was a thing of beauty.

When I first started writing for Black Library, I didn’t want to write 40K or Fantasy. I wanted to write Necromunda. I wanted to write about sump-tenders and mould-farmers. I wanted to write about bounty hunters, chasing desperate outlanders into downhive. About cheap, black market bionics and bottles of Wildsnake.

And now, finally, I get my chance.

Anyway, this is but the first of many forays into the underhive. There’ll be more stories this week from Robbie MacNiven, Guy Haley and others.  You can get all six of them for the price of four, at this handy subscription link, if you’re interested. Or you can buy “Death’s Head” as a standalone digital download here.

Welcome to the Underhive. Hope you survive the experience.