Wolf and Serpent

My newest novel, Lukas the Trickster, is now available from the Black Library. Today also happens to be the release date for the softback version of Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadowsso that’s two books for the price of…well, two books. But one is slightly cheaper! And the other has a very fancy limited edition


From the blurb:

Among the Space Wolves there are as many sagas as there are warriors. Though none quite like that of Lukas the Trickster. Renowned and reviled in equal measure, the Jackalwolf has ever stood apart from his brothers, passed from pack to pack by embittered Wolf Lords. But as a new enemy invades the icy reaches of Fenris at the height of the Helwinter, Lukas finds himself facing a foe who may rival even his legendary cunning – the drukhari corsair, Duke Sliscus. In the battle between wolf and serpent, who will emerge triumphant, and who will lay on red snow?

As you might be able to tell from the blurb, this is something of an origin story. Following along from my short story, “A Trick of the Light”, the novel finds Lukas settling well into his role as Jackalwolf, but not quite yet at the level seen in “The Art of Provocation”, “Jackalwolf” or The Ashes of Prospero.

If you’re interested in knowing more, here’s a recent interview I did about the book.

Lukas the Trickster is available in limited edition, hardback, and as an audiobook, narrated by the ever-amazing John Banks.