Coming Soon-Black Pyramid

Black Library Live was last month, and among a host of other cool reveals was a sneak peek at the cover for my forthcoming novel, Hallowed Knights: Black Pyramid. 


Hallowed Knights: Black Pyramid is the sequel to Hallowed Knights: Plague Gardenand finds Gardus Steel Soul and his Hallowed Knights journeying to Shyish to claim the ruins of an ancient city from the forces of Chaos. But the living are the least of the dangers that face those who journey to the Realm of Death.

The novel takes place some time after Plague Gardenfollowing along from the short stories, “A Dirge of Dust and Steel”, available in the Black Library Events anthology, and “Ghosts of Demesnus”, but a few decades prior to my most recent novel, Soul WarsIt’s also a sequel – more or less – to Mortarch of Night

Which reminds me, at some point, I should probably put together a chronology of all my Age of Sigmar fiction.

At any rate, Hallowed Knights: Black Pyramid will hopefully be available at Black Library Weekender this year, for those of you looking forward to it. But in the meantime, that cover is pretty swell, hunh?

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