The Ghoul’s Portrait

Ulthar Press has released Pickman’s Gallery, an anthology devoted to Richard Upton Pickman, one of HP Lovecraft’s most enduring characters. Among other fantastic stories, it includes “The Ghoul’s Portrait”, my tale of thieves, ghouls and sorcerers. 

Pickman's Gallery

“The Ghoul’s Portrait” is the latest story to feature Amina Algol and her ghoulish siblings, Bera and Arif. Once again, they’re on a mission from Mordiggian, the ghoul-god of Earth’s Dreamlands. This time, they’re in search of the titular painting – a Pickman original – and must face off with an infamous thief of the waking world, as well as a devilish sorcerer.

Amina and her kin have appeared in a handful of other stories, including “The Orphan of Bones”, which is available to read on my Patreon. I always have a lot of fun writing these stories, and I hope to do at least one or two more in the near future, including a possible crossover with the Royal Occultist series.

Pickman’s Gallery is available as a trade paperback via and its international subsidiaries. A Kindle version is forthcoming.