Green Hell, Red Murder

18thWall Productions’ newest anthology, Silver Screen Sleuths is now available. It includes “Green Hell, Red Murder”, a story by me, which finds Vincent Price attempting to solve a murder on the set of the 1940 anti-classic Green Hell. 


From the blurb:

Silver Screen Sleuths presents mystery stories in the style and tradition of Golden Age B-movie mysteries, starring the stars themselves.

Curated by Nicole Petit and featuring stories by Josh Reynolds, Jon Black, Nicole Petit & James Bojaciuk, C.L. Werner, M.H. Norris, William Martin, & John Linwood Grant. Featuring a cover by Johannes Chazot.

My story, “Green Hell, Red Murder” finds Vincent Price investigating a murder on the set of the legendarily terrible adventure film, Green Hell (1940), on behalf of James Whale. You can read an excerpt here, if you’re interested.

This was a fun story to write, as well as research for. So much so that I’m noodling around with the idea for a second one, called “Scream for Your Life”, which finds Price and director William Castle teaming up to solve a murder at a matinee showing of The Tingler (1954).

Silver Screen Sleuths is available from 18thWall Productions and and its international subsidiaries.