Twenty Years in the Making

The first volume of Black Library’s revitalised Inferno! anthology series is now available. Packed full of tales, from the dark reaches of the 41st Millennium to the shadowed forests of the Old World, it includes two never-before seen stories by me, including a new tale of Zavant Konniger. 


From the blurb:

The premiere volume of this new anthology series brings you new short fiction from the worlds of Warhammer. Penned by debut and current Black Library authors, its tales range from the back streets of the world-that was to a shrouded inn in the Mortal Realms, while in the brutal galaxy of the Dark Imperium, the Ultramarines and others deliver the Emperor’s fury to their many foes, and in the depths of Necromunda’s underhive, gangers clash in brutal combat.

My stories, “Waking the Dragon” and “How Vido the Learned the Trick”, were written before the End Times claimed the Old World. You can read a bit more about them here, in this wonderful Inferno! retrospective by Michael Dodd over at Track of Words. 

Inferno! is available from Black Library, as well as and its subsidiaries.