Last week, I mentioned that I’d be opening the floor for reader questions here. Well, today is the day. So…if you have questions for me, relating to my work, now is the time to ask them. You can do so either on Twitter, using the tag #AskJosh, or in the comments of this post.

As questions come in, they’ll go into the mailbag. I’ll then select one at random and answer it here once a day, once a week or once a month, depending on the volume, and my schedule. Fair warning, though – some might not get answered immediately.

Note: To those of you who’ve already posted questions in the comments of the previous posts, don’t worry. They’ve already gone in the bag, so no need to post them here. 

2 thoughts on “#AskJosh

  1. A few for now:

    When working for an established IP, what is the process for making a pitch?

    Favourite joke or reference you’ve hidden in a story?

    Are there/we going to see some Royal Occultist stories featuring St Cyprian’s predecessors? Or perhaps Gallowglass when she’s inherited the role?

    End the debate: What is the best cryptid?

    Nobody works in a vacuum, so was there anything in particular that influenced your writing in 2018?

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