Reader Mailbag #1

Amelia Gradt asks:

Do you accept fan art for your stories, and if so do you have a safe/secure means for fans of your work to send their art? I’ve seen some artists upload to twitter/tumblr but for non-twitter/tumblr users are there any other methods? I’d love to send you some Fabius art. Thanks!

I do accept fan art, but regrettably the only methods available at the moment are Twitter and Tumblr. I’ve considered setting up an email account for fan-mail, fan art and the like, but unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to it yet – and probably won’t for a good while yet.  You could try sending it to me via Facebook, if you like – I’d love to see it!

That goes for all fan art, really. I love seeing readers’ interpretations of my characters. Nothing makes my day more than to see that what I wrote inspired someone to create art of some sort. So if you have some – feel free to shoot me a link on Twitter at @JMReynolds and/or Tumblr at @occultdetectives.