Gods and Mortals

Black Library’s newest Age of Sigmar anthology, Gods and Mortals, is now available for preorder. I’ve got no less than five stories in this one – three reprints and two brand-new stories, one of which features Balthas Arum, one of the protagonists of Soul Wars. 


From the blurb:

For too long, the Mortal Realms have suffered under Chaos’ twisted crusade. Tainted lands writhe in agony and once great cities lie in ruins, the hopes of their people extinguished. But the storm winds rise. Sigmar’s greatest creation, the Stormcast Eternals, strike with His vengeance. Their lightning drives the darkness away and their thunder drowns out the screams of the Foul Gods’ acolytes as they fall to sword and halberd. The sons and daughters of the storm know they cannot fail. For now is the time where the fate of a world will be decided. Where Gods and mortals must rise and fight, or face their final damnation.

As mentioned above, I’ve got five stories in this book. Three of them – “Road of Blades”, “Auction of Blood” and “The Tainted Axe” – are reprints of digital releases. But two are brand new!

“The Library of Forgotten Moments” is a sort-of sequel to my novel, Soul Wars. It finds one of the protagonists of that novel, Lord-Arcanum Balthas Arum, in the depths of Shyish, on the hunt for the eponymous library in the wake of the Battle for Glymmsforge. The story *also* serves as a semi-sequel to another novel of mine, but to say more would be spoiling things a bit.

I’m hoping this will be the first of many stories featuring Balthas. The grumpy sod has grown on me – and readers as well, apparently – and I think he has more work ahead of him, especially in the wake of this particular short story.

The second new story is “Tourney of Fate”. This is one I’ve been looking forward to. It’s the first of several stories featuring Carkus Gryme, knight-errant of the Order of the Fly. The Order has appeared in several of my Age of Sigmar short stories and novels, including Nagash: The Undying King

The Order are remarkably popular for a monstrous band of twisted, weirdly chivalric Chaos knights. Gryme is the newest ‘hero’ to join their ranks, an aspiring knight in search of a dark quest to earn him his spurs. Only time will tell whether he succeeds, but I’m going to have fun putting him through his paces.

Gods and Mortals is available to preorder, and will be released in hardback and digital formats on February 2nd. A softback version will follow later this year, or early next. You can find a review of the anthology at Track of Words.

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  1. I still have a looong way to go before I get to the AoS books😔. On a side note, will it be oke if i link to your WP site when I do reviews of your books? I might be getting some done this year…

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