Reader Mailbag #2

@FoxOfWilliamSt asks:

do you have a favourite chaos god?

Not really. From a writer’s standpoint, they all have interesting aspects worth exploring.

have you read Scourge of Fate by robbie?

Not yet! But I’m hoping to do so soon, once I work through my to-be-read stack.

hypothetically speaking who would win in a fight Balthas Arum or Knossus Heavensen

As with every ‘who’d win’ question throughout history, it depends on context. Why are they fighting? What’s at stake? Who struck first? Are they in their right minds? Where is the fight taking place? Most importantly, who does the writer need to win?

But since coming up with all of that requires me to write a short story for free, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Sorry!

which is your favourite chaos space marine army

I don’t have one. Space Marines, Chaos or otherwise, aren’t really my bag. If I had to pick…Emperor’s Children, I guess? I’ve read enough about them to have some affection for their utterly broken way of existence.

One thought on “Reader Mailbag #2

  1. The AoS 2nd Ed Core Book has several references to the Chaos Dwarfs(Chaos Duardin?) including a city on the sea called Zharr Vyxa North West of Nulahmia. So does this mean they will play a role in future Soul Wars stories?
    Also was the weird Duradin that bought the weird bull-shaped icon in the Auction of Blood a Chaos Dawrf?

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