A Super Evil Thing

For those interested, there’s a new patron-only short story available over at my Patreon. “Vast, Black, Brooding” finds writer and fashionable weirdo, Charles Fort, investigating a monstrous mystery in a New York speakeasy, alongside Theodore Dreiser. Guest-starring Dutch Schultz and Bugsy Siegel!

I’ve long been fascinated by Charles Fort, and his writings have provided me with a good deal of inspiration over the years. If you haven’t read up on him, I encourage you to do so. While this isn’t the first story I’ve written about Fort, it’s probably the best – and the only one to ever appear in print. That said, I’d like to do more stories featuring Fort in the future, as he’s one of the few real life characters tailor-made for pseudo-historical weird tales.

If you’re not a patron, and you’d like to read this story – or any of the others available there – simply head over to my Patreon, pledge a dollar and you’ll be given access. And if you can’t pledge anything for whatever reason, feel free to enjoy the free short stories I’ve posted. That’s what they’re there for.