Cat, Bag, Out

Cubicle 7 revealed a look at the new Age of Sigmar RPG yesterday, including Johan Grenier’s fantastic cover art, as well as the names of a few outside consultants – myself among them. 


I’ve been contributing to the background sections of the game, alongside fellow Black Library authors CL Werner and David Guymer. It’s been great fun working on the game, and I hope to contribute more to the setting in the future.

Fleshing out the background for my corner o the Mortal Realms has long been a pet project of mine, as evidenced by my last few novels. Getting to do so on a wider scale has been a dream come true.

Anyway, go check out the Cubicle 7’s round-up. And why not check out the newest Age of Sigmar anthology, Gods & Mortals, featuring stories by myself, David Guymer, CL Werner and a host of others to get yourself in the mood for the games to come?

2 thoughts on “Cat, Bag, Out

  1. Lore question-
    Are Malign Sorcery/Realm-based Endless Spells stronger than faction specific Endless Spells.? Malign Sorcery artwork shows them as quite huge and Lore says they are quite destructive like wiping out entire settlements. But the few lore in Battletomes doesn’t imply them to be that powerful

    • It’s a contextual thing – sometimes they’ll be more powerful, sometimes they won’t. They’re essentially forces of nature, like typhoons or earthquakes. Sometimes they just knock a picture off the wall, sometimes they knock down the wall.

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