On Dark Wings

There’s a new short story for patrons available at my Patreon today. “On Dark Wings” is the first solo outing for Baron Palman Vordenburg, first introduced in the Royal Occultist novella, “The Coventry Street Terror”.

“On Dark Wings” finds the Baron in the Ionian Sea, hunting a winged horror out of myth and legend. But he finds more trouble than he bargained for, in the ruins of an island monastery.

It’s a fairly simple story, as befits what amounts to a pilot episode. I wanted to (re) introduce Vordenburg to readers, show who he is, and send him into danger at a fairly brisk pace. Get things going with a bang, as they say.

Mostly, I wanted to avoid the usual occult detective tropes. Unlike St. Cyprian, Vordenburg isn’t much of an investigator or even that knowledgeable about the occult – save regarding means of dispatch. He’s more akin to a knight errant, armed to the teeth and looking for trouble. A monster-hunter, plain and simple.

There’s something refreshing about writing a character with that sort of focus. In fact, I’m already working on a second story – a sort-of sequel to/pastiche of E.F. Benson’s “The Horror-Horn”, set in the waning days of the Great War.

While future stories might explore the good Baron’s background a bit more – it gets touched on in “On Dark Wings”, but only sparingly – for the moment I’m going to enjoy the formula of ‘Baron Vordenburg + exotic location + monster of the week’. And I hope you enjoy them as well.

You can read “On Dark Wings”, as well as a host of other short stories, by pledging a dollar to my Patreon. You can also read a serialised version of “The Coventry Street Terror”, on my Patreon for free. I encourage you to check both of them out by using the ‘baron vordenburg’ tag. And if you happened to enjoy one or both, please feel free to leave a comment on my Patreon, as well as mention them on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.