Black Library released a new volume of Inferno this weekend, and it includes a new Topek Greel story by me. “Bonegrinder” sees Greel’s attempt to engineer a gang-war derailed as he’s forced to fight for his life, and his honour as a Steelgate King, against a savage denizen of the underhive – a monstrous sumpkroc called Bonegrinder. 

From the blurb:

From the bar of the Brazen Claw where aelven Prince Maesa tells his tale, to the secretive rituals of the Adeptus Mechanicus and a feral Emperor-worshipping tribe, this anthology brings you 11 tales of action and adventure!

Topek Greel and the Steelgate Kings have appeared previously in the short story, “Death’s Head”, from 2018. While “Death’s Head” is the story of Greel’s initiation into the Steelgate Kings, “Bonegrinder” finds him a seasoned member of the gang, and attempting to usurp the authority of its leader, Irontooth Korg.

“Bonegrinder” was great fun to write. Pretty much from the first moment I laid eyes on the official Sumpkroc artwork, I knew I needed to include one in a story.


Even better, I needed to force poor, Machiavellian Greel to fight one bare-handed. Because who doesn’t want to read about a super-steroid-jacked abhuman gangster wrestling a hideous mutated alien crocodile?

Thus, “Bonegrinder”.

I hope to continue the story of the Steelgate Kings in future issues of Inferno! but only time will tell. For the moment, why not pick up a copy of Inferno! V.3, and download a copy of “Death’s Head”? And if you enjoy them, be sure to let Black Library know, via their Facebook page.

Inferno! V.3 is available from Black Library as a paperback and as a digital download. It’s also available from Amazon and its subsidiaries, as well as all reputable booksellers.

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  1. I recently did a review of Inferno! Vol1. Your stories in there were awesome. I am now busy with Soul Wars and just picked up Wicked and the Damned yesterday… You are on a roll man. Keep it up👍🏻

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