Chains and Promises

I’ve had a few things hit the shelves since I last posted. First up is the third and final entry in the Blackshields audio series, The Broken Chain. 

The new audio-drama finds Endryd Haar and his merry band of renegades at the mercy of the Sons of Horus. Can they snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, or will treachery spell their end?


I’ve also got a short story in the Warcry anthology, featuring the disciplined, if brutal, warriors of the Iron Golems. “The Iron Promise” finds Dominar Vos Stalis and his warband investigating the reasons for a delayed tribute, and encountering a horror from the stars.


And as of today, you can also buy “The Iron Promise” separately, as a digital download, should you prefer.


All three are available from Black Library, Audible, Amazon and its affiliates. The Broken Chain is available as a CD or as an MP3 download. Warcry and “The Iron Promise” can be downloaded from the Black Library website or via Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Chains and Promises

  1. The Iron Promise looks nifty! And definitely dig the name Has’ut, ahaha, any chance we will see the Legion of Azgorh make an appearance in this short story?

    • Sort of? It’s a Chaos duardin, of that style – tusks and curled beard, etc. The legion isn’t mentioned, as such. Rather, Khoragh is one of the Furnace Kings mentioned in Black Rift and Spear of Shadows.

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