Reader Mailbag #7

Scott Harper asks:

Is there any chance the Blood Dragon novel will ever be printed in any form?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: It is unlikely for a number of reasons. The foremost being because it never actually got past the pitch stage, due to scheduling conflicts with the End Times material. Essentially, the End Times happened and any Warhammer Fantasy novel that hadn’t already been contracted was never going to be.

Another reason is almost certainly the relatively poor sales of Master of Death. While Neferata earned out its advance fairly quickly, the sequel did surprisingly poorly.  Master of Death suffered a death of a thousand cuts, the most grievous of which were likely the sudden change in format from paperback to trade, as well as the utter lack of marketing it received upon its release.

Regardless the combination of timing and sales effectively killed any chance Blood Dragon had of being commissioned, or of an omnibus being assembled.

tldr; sometimes vampires don’t rise from the grave.

2 thoughts on “Reader Mailbag #7

  1. Very unfortunate. I remember reading online somewhere the general outline of Blood Dragon. It would have been SPECTACULAR!

    • I like to think so, but I also suspect that it might’ve wound up being a bunch of set-pieces lacking in any real cohesion. Looking back at it now, I think it would have either been the best book I ever wrote – or the absolute worst.

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